At Curtains & Interiors we specialise in made to measure curtains using the very best fabrics,linings and interlinings.We offer everything from 10” Contemporary Wave Pleats to 8” French Pleats to name but a few.We specialise in unusual shaped windows and often tackle extremely high windows with remote control curtain rails that can be set on a timer or manually operated.

Contemporary Homes

Over the last year we have been contacted by a number of architects that have been impressed with the way we have dressed the windows they have designed for their customers.
With a large number of extensions and renovations resulting in large areas of glass and often unusual angles we specialise in rails that follow these angles but use a contemporary finish and often sheer fabrics not to take away from the light that has been created.To see some of the window dressings on work completed please email  or phone to receive these images.

If you would like to view some images from these homes please contact us on 0879969842 or email

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Period Style Homes

We have fitted out a large number of period style homes with everything from Bay windowrails, interlined silk curtains,swags-n-tails,upholstered pelmets and roman blinds.We dress each house accordingly but listen to our customers needs and help them choose suitable fabrics that they will be happy to live with for a long time.

If you would like to view some images from these homes please contact us on 0879969842 or email

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  • I had the great pleasure of having Lisa O’Neill to guide me in decorating our new home earlier this year (2009). Lisa was recommended to me on the basis of blinds she had supplied to a client of my architect.  Lisa came to advise on blinds for a large expanse of glass that looks out onto the back garden – and stayed to help decorate and furnish the most of the house! The blinds were very well-chosen and as they are electronically controlled are also a big hit with all child visitors.

    Lisa came to my house a number of times and indeed brought me off to see furniture that she thought would particularly suit the house.  She was extremely patient with the whole family. What I particularly liked about working with Lisa was that she listened to what I liked and indeed to what my children liked.  She picked up very quickly on designs/colours/styles we would like.  I told her the colours I liked and presto there were a limited range of exactly the kinds of colours I like presented.  She has a great sense of style and while she went out of her way to look for the kinds of things I was looking for, she would also point it out if she thought something would look amiss.

    I would still be pounding the streets looking for furniture and the right shade for the hall if it had not been for Lisa.  The house had been gutted and a new extension but on, so I was quite tired out by the process by the time Lisa arrived on the scene.  I feel that the house is exactly the way I want it to be, but I couldn’t have done it without Lisa’s guidance.  As well as being a warm and charming person, Lisa is very efficient and expects only the highest of standards for everything she does.  Both my builder and architect were also very impressed by Lisa. I didn’t miss that much about the housing project when it was over, but I did miss my chats with Lisa.

    Columba O’ Connor
    Iona Road, Glasnevin